Section 48 bar

Section 48 bar

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Section 48 bar

If you had a visa cancelled or refused since last arriving in Australia and you are either unlawful or hold a bridging visa you are then in what is called ‘section 48 bar’.

If you are ‘section 48 barred’ you are prevented from lodging most other visa applications while you are in Australia. This means that you would normally need to leave Australia.


The Victorian Government will not re-nominate applicants who are subject to a section 48 bar where their nomination has expired, and they are unable to leave Australia.

Western Australia:

Migration WA has announced that Section 48 barred applicants are to be now eligible for WA State nomination.


If an applicant is currently on a bridging visa and has been invited to lodge documents with BSMQ for a subclass 491 visa, they must notify Business and Skilled Migration Queensland of any past visa refusals or cancellations.

If an applicant has received a visa refusal or cancellation whilst on a bridging visa, they are likely to be subject to a section 48 bar which means they are unable to lodge a state nominated visa onshore.