Resident Return visa (155 and 157)

Resident Return visa (155 and 157)

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Resident Return visa (155 and 157)

Once you have been granted a permanent visa it has an initial five-year validity period. If you remain in Australia beyond the five years your permanent residence does not expire, only your ability to depart and then re-enter Australia as a permanent resident is affected.

To obtain a new five-year travel facility the basic criteria is that you have spent at least two years out of the last five physically present in Australia as the holder of a permanent visa.


To meet the requirements for the one-year RRV you must demonstrate that you have substantial ties to Australia that are of benefit to Australia. Substantial ties can be under any of the following:

  • Business
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Cultural


Permanent residents who have less than 2 years’ physical presence in Australia and who have not yet established substantial ties of benefit to Australia may be eligible for a three-month RRV.

Eligibility criteria:
The visa, including what happens if you do not meet the 2 in 5 years residence requirement
the steps to apply, including the documents you might need to provide.
​Residence status
You must be:

An Australian permanent resident
A former Australian permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled
A former Australian citizen who lost or renounced their citizenship.