Resident Return Subclass 155 visa

Resident Return Subclass 155 visa

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Resident Return Subclass 155 visa

You might be granted a subclass 155 visa if you either:

Meet the resident requirement, have ties of benefit Australia. You meet the residence requirement if you spent a total of at least two of the last five years in Australia as an Australian permanent resident or citizen.

Business ties of benefit: You have substantial ownership in a business and personal involvement at a senior level in the day-to-day operations and management of a business.

Cultural ties of benefit: You undertake intellectual, artistic, sporting, or religious pursuits that are adding to Australia’s cultural life.

Employment ties of benefit: You are currently employed or have a formal employment offer in Australia, or are employed outside Australia by an Australian organisation, or are employed by a non-Australian organisation that clearly benefits Australia.

Personal ties of benefit: You are, or have been, a participating member of the Australian community and economy. Living in Australia for a substantial period or living overseas with an Australian citizen partner and having personal assets or close family members who live in Australia.

To be a member of the family unit of another person you can be:

His or her spouse, dependent child, partner’s dependent child.

How long the visas last:

The subclass 155 and 157 visas are permanent visas; however, this does not mean that the visa always lasts indefinitely.

If you do not travel outside Australia the visa lasts indefinitely and you will not become unlawful when the travel facility ends
If you do travel outside Australia after the travel facility on the visa ends, the visa will end when you leave Australia.


Processing times:
75% of applications: 1 day
90% of applications: 51 days