Points for English

Points for English

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Points for English

With a focus on Australian immigration rules and visas, Solace Migration Solutions can assist you in comprehending the points for English language criteria for skilled and employer-sponsored visas. Anyone who applies for skilled migration to Australia must demonstrate their proficiency in the English language, but the requirements vary depending on the subclass of the visa. However, if you are unsure about which visa subclass best meets your needs or if you’d need some help figuring out what level of English you need, we’ve provided all the pertinent information below.


The new English tests apply for a number of different visa types including:

General Skilled Migration, including Skilled Independent Subclass 189, Skilled Nominated Subclass 190, Skilled Regional Sponsored Provisional Subclass 489 and Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 visas.

  • ENS Subclass 186
  • RSMS Subclass 187
  • Business Migration
  • Distinguished Talent Subclass 124
  • Former Resident Subclass 151

There are a number of different English tests that meet the requirements of the visas including TOEFL, Pearson and OET. The TOEFL test is readily available and is the least expensive option, however the Pearson test provides results within 5 days as well as the ability to forward results to various recipients, making it the ideal option for people who need their results as soon as possible. The main benefit of the OET test is that there is no requirement to sit all 4 modules on the same date.