186 visa skill requirements

186 visa skill requirements

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186 visa skill requirements

The applicant must provide evidence that, at the time of their application, their skills had been assessed as being suitable for the occupation. A skills assessment undertaken after the visa application was made does not meet visa requirements.

Skills assessments can be submitted after the visa application is made but the results of the assessment must have been obtained prior to date of visa application. If a skills assessment is not submitted with the application, officers should give the applicant an opportunity to submit the skills assessment. Any correspondence should clearly indicate that a skills assessment dated after the date of application will not satisfy visa requirement.

Must have been employed in the nominated occupation for 3 years

At the time of application, the applicant must have been employed for at least 3 years in the occupation for which they have been nominated.

The applicant must have worked full-time for at least 3 years however the period of work does not have to be continuous or be immediately before the visa application was made. For the work to qualify as full-time, the applicant should have worked for at least 38 hours per week.

Employment should be full time

In Australia, part-time work arrangements and variable working hours are increasingly common. This will impact on how work experience is calculated. If work experience is to be expressed in full-time terms, for part-time workers this can be calculated pro-rata.

Recognized Prior Learning

There may be scenarios where a visa applicant has obtained a qualification in Australia while they were the holder of a temporary visa. In these instances, a greater level of scrutiny is to be applied to the Registered Training Organisation (RTO), the course content, and the nature of the assessment items. Please note that such courses do not include those for which a student visa was granted.

Applicants without a qualification obtained in Australia may still claim to have satisfied the skill requirements based on a specified number of years of work experience allowed by ANZSCO to substitute for the formal qualifications of the relevant occupation. In these instances, DHA scrutinise the supporting evidence provided.

Part-Time and Casual Work Experience

DHA use the NHS to define full-time and part-time employment arrangements for the assessment of work experience. Employment experience gained from part-time work arrangements can be counted towards the work experience requirement, if it can be demonstrated that the work experience was gained at the required skill level.